Our friends and family will gather to watch us exchange vows at the waterfall at Toccoa Falls College.
The ceremony will start at 4pm, but please arrive around 3:30 to be seated. 
No hiking will be involved, but we definitely recommend that you keep your stilettos at home due to the gravel and amount of booty shakin' you'll do later at the reception.

Please respect our request of finding a sitter for children ages 7 and under.  
PLEASE DO NOT have your cameras, phones, camcorders, whatever, out during the ceremony. We want everyone to be in the moment.
Plus, we have hired our dream photographer to capture these for us and will be very sad if we see your iphone / ipad / etc in her shots.

Don't think I won't stop in the midst of walkin down the aisle and snatch your phone from you <3 -- H

Directions: Located off of Highway 17 A. Upon entering the campus of Toccoa Falls College, stay straight and continue past the guard shack. At the fork in the road, bear Left and continue across campus, following the creek on the left. When the road bends to the left, arrive at Gate Cottage, a stone building which houses the campus welcome center and entrance to Toccoa Falls.